We provide a range of services to ensure your house is as sustainable and energy-efficient as possible. We do everything from assessment and written reports to carrying out the work for you.




- Solar inverter anti-islanding testing to Evoenergy standard by fully qualified and CEC accredited electrician

- Basic visual identification/feeling of draughts
- Air leakage testing using fan extraction to locate less obvious draughts
- Sealing out draughts (and creepy crawlies)
- Non-sealed exhaust fans replaced with sealed type or Draft Stoppa fitted to existing fan
- Check of ceiling, wall and underfloor insulation and report probable “R” values
- Check of glazing in windows and suggest any improvements
- Check of window furnishings and suggest any improvements
- Coreflute pelmets to windows with curtain rails
- Check of hot water system for possible leaks from the pressure relief valve
- Check hot water system pipe insulation
- Check hot water system for over/under temperature and adjust if required
- Check heating/cooling system-filters blocked?
- Independent advice on whether to replace heating system or not, if so, what type and why
- Light fittings - replacement of light bulbs/halogen down lights with low energy LEDs
- Report on appliances used on the premises and possible savings to be made on energy use
- Energy monitor installation- see how much your appliances are using at any time
- Switchboard inspection for bad connections leading to increased energy use or breakdown
- Shading advice for overheating areas
- Solar aspect - how to maximise the benefits

Written Report

We can assess your home and provide you with a comprehensive written report detailing
recommendations for a more sustainable and energy efficient home. The report might include:

- Areas to be draught proofed
- Window improvements
- Window furnishing improvements
- Ceiling, wall and underfloor description/improvements
- Heating system and possible improvements
- Lighting improvements
- Reducing appliance consumption
- Hot water system checked, improvements
- Solar aspect and how to make the best of it
- Recommendation for solar panels or battery storage as appropriate
- An assessment of your energy bills to determine whether they are appropriate for the size of your house and number of occupants
- Summer shading to reduce overheating

Cost: dependent on size of the house but from $750 for a single storey house up to 160 squares metres.